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“Omnipotent” ergonomic chair Let the traditional chair “live” up
The class seat turns into a lunch break chair that can “lie down and sleep” during the lunch break; it looks like an ordinary office chair, but it is actually a “first-class cabin” for workers, which can be used for sitting or lying down; from the head , The ergonomic chair with all-round support from the neck to the waist, and the appearance design is an elegant home artwork…In the “brain hole” of industrial designer Ao Lian, the chair becomes “omnipotent” .
“I have been designing chairs for 16 years. What else can I design for a simple chair?” pqp designers often observe life with such thinking.
Design comes from life, from continuous insights. It was once observed that people always like to have an additional headrest in the driver’s seat of the car, and some girls will add a lumbar pillow as a support. From this small detail, he realized that a comfortable chair must conform to ergonomics, which can reduce the strain on the spine and give full support to the contact parts of the body.
For this reason, pqp designed and launched the “Sleeve Mountain” series of ergonomic chairs, with reasonable structure design, when people are sitting, their hips, waist and neck are fully supported, dispersing pressure, and making people’s body in a natural relaxed state all the time.
13 years of persistence has made pqp design stand out in the field of domestic office chairs. In cooperation with many furniture companies, it has designed more than 600 types of chairs.
In addition to office chairs, in recent years, pqp design has also paid attention to classroom chairs for children and teenagers aged 3-18. In order to enable students to lie down and sleep during lunch breaks, some schools found them to develop and design lunch break tables and chairs.
In the next 3-5 years, pqp design will also focus on the medical care sector.

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