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PQP Design is an award-winning Industrial Design and Manufacturing firm based in Guangdong, China. Guangdong is a coastal province in South China. It is one of the wealthiest and most populated provinces in the PRC. Guangdong is the main manufacturing and trading hub, 1/3 of Chinese exports come from Guangdong. We have seen offering a unique and fast-paced design solution for Individuals, Startups, and Corporations from all over the world.
Our first commitment is to protect your interests. After your first contact we will provide you with a signed NDA (Non Dissclosure Agreement) to ensure your preliminary ideas are protected and will remain confidential. Moving forward we will build together a detailed Brief and deliver you a detailed quotation. Once our quotation is approved, we will provide a schedule and move forward together with the Product Design and Development process.
We Love Startups. So you have a new ground-breaking idea? We can help you to find the right focus, ponder solutions, save money and kickstart your ideas to connect them with the right market.
Depending on your new product design’s complexity, it will take 2 to 12 months to complete the 4-stage development to the manufacturing process. Your design idea goes through concept exploration and engineering, 3D prototyping, user testing, and transfer to manufacturing. Once the design is well documented, manufacturers can bid on it. Our creative team will find a solution that differentiates your product and delivers an ‘I love it’ user response aligned with a product cost that meets business needs, and the manufacturers want to produce.
Our manufacturing setup experts will help you identify and secure trusted part suppliers and a contract manufacturer (CM) onshore or offshore as your project objectives require. We facilitate the process, helping coordinate the CM and parts supplier relationships, product batch builds, injection tooling approvals, quality plan, test verification, Bill of Materials management, and parts supply coordination.
We can navigate, negotiate, document, and fine-tune product quality during the initial production batch builds and on to continuous production. Our process ensures we bring value and transition out of the project as your operations team takes over production management. We can continue to facilitate production if your business objectives are to be a more virtual, low-overhead operation.
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